5 Tips To Take Ice Baths Safely

5 Tips To Take Ice Baths Safely

While there are numerous benefits of incorporating cold water immersion into your weekly routine, it is important to take certain precautions when starting out as it has the ability to shock the human nervous system. Here are a few things to keep in mind, especially when you're a beginner or just starting out: 

  1. Start slowly: Don't jump into an ice bath all at once. Instead, start by soaking your feet or legs in cold water for a few seconds, then gradually work your way up to your waist or chest.

  2. Don't stay in too long: It's important to limit your time in the ice bath to 20 minutes. Staying in for longer periods of time can increase your risk of hypothermia.

  3. Keep your head out of the water: Your head should stay out of the ice bath to help regulate your body temperature. 

  4. Wear appropriate clothing: Wear a swimsuit or other clothing that is appropriate for cold water. Avoid wearing cotton, as it will retain water and amplify the affect the cold water has. 

  5. Have a warm, dry place to change: After your ice bath, it's important to have a warm, dry place to change into dry clothes. This will help you avoid getting chilled.

Keep in mind that your body will adapt to the ice baths over time and it will become mentally easier as you stay consistent in your ice bath adventure. 

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