#1 No-No Post Ice Bath

#1 No-No Post Ice Bath

Ice Baths and Cold Water Immersion have been used for hundreds of years and have proven to unlock numerous health benefits that our body has the ability to produce on its own. We sit in the cold, build mental fortitude and have our blood vessels and circulatory system constrict. Before we had clothes and structures to keep us warm and comfortable, our body had to do this naturally.

So you finished your ice bath and are now wondering what you should do post cold water immersion. First thought is to find a way to get warm. Easiest way to do so is to jump into a hot shower to help our body warm up. 

However, to build a more resilient body, we need to be uncomfortable. That is why it is best for us to warm up naturally post ice bath or cold water immersion. 

Our bodies are built to be able to adapt to our environments. If it is hot, our skin sweats to cool our body. If our body is cold, it constricts our blood vessels and directs our blood flow toward our internal organs to keep them at the proper temperature. 

These responses happen naturally and are supposed to work to keep our body healthy. When we shortcut these processes in the aim of comfort, our bodies natural ability to adapt to the environment it is in becomes slightly weaker. If we do this enough times, “slightly weaker” turns into “much weaker” until it is unable to adapt. 

Our body has the ability to naturally warm us up through methods like shivering. Through continued exposure to cold, it builds up additional ways of adapting and preparing us through the build up of brown fat. 

However, if we immediately warm our bodies up through hot water or by adding clothing layers, our body is not experiencing the need to adapt and thus not realizing the full extent of the benefits. 

Letting our bodies warm up naturally post cold water immersion builds up the adaptability of our body and makes it more resilient. The exact amount of time varies between 8 minutes and 2 hours in order to receive the maximum benefits from cold water immersion. 

Instead of having to shiver for the entire time, here are a couple ways to help your body regulate itself and warm up naturally after finishing dipping into the cold. 


  1. Breathing - Deep breathing techniques that have been highlighted throughout the Wim Hof Method are a great source of raising your core body temperature to help it adjust. 
  2. Activity - Exercises like a brisk walk or light jog post cold water immersion are simple ways to raise your core body temperature and reduce the shivering your body is likely experiencing. 
  3. Beverage - Consuming a warm beverage such as a hot cup of coffee or tea after finishing an ice bath is a great way to add a quick boost to your body’s attempt to return to its normal temperature. 

Participating in cold water immersion has numerous health benefits that are both realized mentally and physically. In order to receive the maximum amount of benefits post cold water immersion session, let your body warm up naturally. 

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